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Substance develops and manufactures high performing print media and overlaminates for critical graphic applications. We’re on a mission to advance material science and enhance the customer experience.

Racing Runs In Our Blood

Substance films were developed alongside the fastest racers on the planet and continually evolve to meet the demands of any environment.

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As The Standard Of Champions Advances, So Does Our Technology

  • 2006 - Motocross Product Development Begins
  • 2009 - Substance Launches
  • 2010 - California Manufacturing Facility Opens
  • 2011 - Signage Development Begins
  • 2012 - North Carolina Manufacturing Facility Opens
  • 2013 - Signage Products Launch
  • 2014 - Ultracurve X1 Launches, Revolutionizing Motocross Print Media
  • 2016 - 56,000 Sq-Ft Headquarters Open In North Carolina
  • 2019 - California Warehouse Triples In Size
  • 2022 - Product Innovation And Expansion Continues

Products Built On Principle


We measure success by your satisfaction. We put customers’ interests first, listen, and deliver with personalized service, yielding relationships and products our customers can rely on.


With superior performance engineering, Substance films can withstand the rigors of the toughest environments. We continually refine our offerings to produce the premium quality our customers have come to expect.


Like the industries we serve, Substance never stops progressing. Our quest for quality is never-ending, with chemists constantly developing products to fit your needs.


Before we created films for pro athletes, we shared their racing spirit. Our dedication to motorsports is our businesses’ foundation and inspiration.


Substance is an essential part of the formula that helps our customers finish first. Our products and relationships are your competitive advantage.

The Substance Story

Our passion for competition fuels us

We grew up on the motocross track and never wanted to do anything else. After establishing careers in printing motocross graphics, we realized that material science hadn’t progressed to meet the demands of this emerging market. The idea for Substance was born. Before Substance, screen printing was the standard for motocross graphics — so we recreated the standard, raising the bar on digital material performance. We dedicated years to fortifying our chemistry team and engineering a new breed of high-performance films. By constantly refining our offering alongside customers and pro racers, Substance advanced the motocross graphic industry to where it is today.

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We applied the same rigorous research and development to revolutionize signage films and bring the Substance product line to the global market. We’ve continued to expand our innovation according to one rule: if we can't make it the best, we just don't make it. Headquartered in a 56,000-sq-ft plant equipped with state-of-the-art coating and production machinery, Substance is proud to develop, formulate, and manufacture in America. We offer some of the most robust print media and overlaminates available, delivered with tailored customer service.